Supermm’s Xbox – November 8 2013

I had to set aside my plans for world domination yesterday when Supermm decided to game. Our score is 44,687 and always improving! He opened up A World of Keflings on 360, and then nothing... nothing at all...

I also want to mention/remind you that Supermm is participating in a pretty slamming gamerscore challenge. Bookmark this link now and check out all the action! 9 other people are throwing down in this challenge. If I do the math correctly, it means that 9 players X 5 days means a whole lot of trash talk! Out of everyone, Supermm is holding on to the number 10 spot. However there are still 3 days left to score achievement glory. Let's get to the top of that challenge board! Go!

UPGRAYDD!! Two Ds for a double dose of pimpin!!

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