Supermm’s Xbox – November 5 2013

I got a new picture! Do you know anyone else that has the same one? If you do, tell them to change it. Only I am allowed to have this one now. In gaming related news... I heard someone tell Supermm to go play outside and he was like 'screw that!' so we did some gaming. Our gamerscore is currently 44,687 points. He rocked out to Kinect Adventures on 360, and loved every minute of it in high definition glory!

Good thing Supermm and I got some play time in! Every day we play is another opportunity to catch up to danteinthedark and that 68,551 gamerscore!

On the 5th day of XBOXMAS my gamer gave to me, 5 Forza editions, really 6 if you count Horizons, but really, who's counting?

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