supermm’s Xbox – November 15 2013

supermm was nowhere to be seen yesterday... maybe he needs some new games or something... get some motivation up in this place...

This really sucks because it gives X7THSIGN a shot at widening the gap. We are still 89,670 points behind... but we can't get there if we don't play.

I always like to end with a little bit about supermm and the ongoing gamerscore challenge status. If you are curious, follow along over here. There are 9 other people playing along as well... they better watch out. Currently supermm is hanging on to the number 8 spot. However there are still 3 days left to score achievement glory. Let's get to the top of that challenge board! Go!

On the 8th day of XBOXMAS my gamer gave to me, 8 groaning zombies.

supermm's Xbox 360 can blog

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