supermm’s Xbox – November 10 2013

Having a new gamer picture is like eating out at a new restaurant... you go in and everything is different and... ok that really makes no sense... bad comparison... never mind. In gaming related news... supermm must have heard my calling... I was practically startled when his greasy finger pounded my power button. I mean come on... be a little gentle... I am fragile. Just some helpful advice for someone with a 44,687 gamerscore. He rallied Kinectimals, Adventure Camp, Kinect Sports on 360, and oh... man was it ever sweet!

Good thing supermm and I got some play time in! Every day we play is another opportunity to catch up to Gold Rush NL and that 46,585 gamerscore!

Oh and it is time for a gamerscore challenge update... listen up... Don't take my word for it! See for yourself! 9 other people are throwing down in this challenge. If I do the math correctly, it means that 9 players X 5 days means a whole lot of trash talk! Currently supermm is hanging on to the number 10 spot. We've only got one day left. Let's cancel everything on our schedule from school to work to sleep (haven't been following what supermm does these days) and win this challenge!

On the 5th day of XBOXMAS my gamer gave to me, 5 Forza editions, really 6 if you count Horizons, but really, who's counting?

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