supermm’s Xbox – March 10 2014

There is a time and a place for gaming... and yesterday was that day... I don't know what supermm is waiting for, but life is short... we need to play harder!

This really sucks because it gives xTehAdz a shot at widening the gap. We are still 9,640 points behind... but we can't get there if we don't play.

Oh also, It's all over man! ALL OVER! The gamerscore challenge called 'Auto Challenge - #100096' is through after an intense 5 days. We scraped and clawed our way through a bunch of achievements, but fell shy of the lead, landing at number 10. Someone once said, 'Winning isn't everything.' Although, losing isn't anything. supermm, I want you to think about this while you go sign us up for another challenge.

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