supermm’s Xbox – June 21 2014

supermm brought the pain yesterday... the good kind... the gaming kind. We are up to 45,187 points of gamerscore. Jealous? That is a boost of 25 points over last time! He opened up Call of Duty®: Ghosts winning 1 achievement on 360, and it's a good thing he stopped there, otherwise the concentrated awesomeness could have blown out my circuits.

Hey, I almost forgot! The gamerscore challenge that supermm is competing in is on day 2 and we're doing our best to win this thing. If you are curious, follow along over here. 9 other people are also involved... which is madness. Out of all those people, supermm is currently parked at number 6. But with 2 days left and plenty of achievements out there, we've got this one in the bag. Let's make it happen.

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