supermm’s Xbox – June 19 2014

I thought maybe the power was out yesterday... imagine my surprise when supermm hit the switches! Gamerscore stands at 45,162. That is a gain of 10 points over last time! He played Call of Duty®: Ghosts gaining 1 achievement, Kinect Sports on 360, and then supermm went to get some food. I told him to bring me back something but I got seriously dissed.

Hey, I almost forgot! The gamerscore challenge that supermm is competing in is on day 4 and we're doing our best to win this thing. There's so much action in this one, you may pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge!!111! Witness the spectacle. 9 other competitors are racking up achievements and powering up their gamerscores, hoping to secure a victory! supermm has the number 6 spot... However there are still 4 days left to score achievement glory. Let's get to the top of that challenge board! Go!

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