supermm’s Xbox – June 15 2014

supermm was absent yesterday... I was smelling something that reminded me of sweat... he better not be playing with a Nintendo Wii... burning calories while playing games is just wrong.

It is probably better that supermm didn't play yesterday... it gives Jeh64 an opportunity to add to that 142,727 gamerscore and increase the lead... Booooo!

Hey, I almost forgot! The gamerscore challenge that supermm is competing in is on day 1 and we're doing our best to win this thing. If you want to see how good I'm doing, check it out! There are 9 other people in the chase as well... so it's pretty cool. Out of everyone, supermm is holding on to the number 4 spot. A great man once said 'Don't call it a comeback!' Though, I suppose you might call it a comeback considering there is only one day left to pull this out!

supermm's Xbox 360 can blog

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