supermm’s Weekly Recap – Aug 5 2013

This entry is a little different than the others. It is a recap of the last week of gaming. Check it: If you are an Xbox, you might be jealous that supermm showed up to game 2 days this last week. Happy happy joy joy! It was productive... Gamerscore went up 100 points so I am happy. Yay for 5 achievements! w00t!

For the record, we only played one new game this last week. It was Assassin's Creed II. I was hoping for a few more, but I guess not everyone is made out of money! Also, according to the records, supermm's favorite game last week was Assassin's Creed II. He played it on 2 of the days.

So there you have it... Check back next week for another report from yours truly.

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