Microsoft quashes rumours that the Xbox One will ship without Kinect

"We believe in Kinect and the value it brings".

Inside Gaming Daily had the rumour mill churning yesterday when it cited an anonymous source had ‘confirmed’ that the console would eventually ship in a Kinect-less bundle, possibly by next summer.

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Gearbox won’t offer a second season pass, but there’s plenty of Borderlands 2 DLC still to come

"That season has ended".

In a statement made to Polygon, Gearbox has said that it has "been clear from the beginning" that the Borderlands 2 DLC Season Pass would only include the four initial add-on campaigns. Whilst there are no plans for a second season pass right now, the Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2, and more DLC, is incoming.

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Microsoft confirms Xbox One self-publishing – every next gen Xbox can play work-in-progress games

"Our vision is that every person can be a creator," says Marc Whitten.

Microsoft’s reservations about self-publishing on Xbox One? Consider them put to bed. The firm’s chief product officer Marc Whitten has confirmed that the company will, in fact, allow developers to release their own games on the new Xbox without partnering with a publisher. What’s more, any Xbox One can be used as a debug unit, able to play work-in-progress games – all you need to do is get Microsoft to send over an authorisation code.

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Mel Gibson’s Brother Wants to be Mad Max

If Avalanche is still in the market for a new voice for Mad Max, there’s a Gibson interested. It’s not Mel, though; it’s his brother, Donal.

Overnight Ausgamers was contacted by Australian director Jamie Blanks (helmer of 1998 slasher Urban Legend) and Donal Gibson, suggesting Gibson as the man to assume the voice role for Mad Max in Avalanche’s upcoming game. They also sent through a brief demo reel to the site, which you can hear here.

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Podcast Unlocked: What if…Oculus Rift on Xbox?

Download Podcast Unlocked Episode 105 Here

The Locksmiths welcome back new co-host Marty Sliva from Comic-Con while also greeting a couple of new IGN staffers: former editor Jose Otero and new Wikis & Guides guy Jared Petty. The crew discusses a major Xbox One policy shift for indie gaming, the new Kinect, the Oculus Rift, and more. Plus: another round of Get to Know Your Locksmiths.

Quick Show Guide:

Get to Know Your Locksmiths

News Unlocked: Microsoft allowing indies to self-publish on Xbox One / Kinect 2.0 is 10x more powerful / Strider HD announced / Respawn HD exploring Oculus Rift for Titanfall / EA news / Eidos Montreal founder quits / New Halo 4 Map Pack

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News: EA Orderd to Pay 11 Million In Madden Suit

EA has been ordered to pay $11 Million to Robin Antonick, the Original Madden's programmer.

Indies Will Self-Publish Games on Xbox One

Update: Microsoft's Marc Whitten clarified to IGN that not all of these features will be available at launch (including the ability to use any console as a dev kit), but the goal is to make the process have "as low of a barrier to entry as possible" for independent developers.

"This has actually been a key pillar for how we thought about Xbox One," Whitten told IGN. "It's why we did a bunch of the work around not just the console, but how we architect Xbox Live. There's so much that was, from my perspective, missing from the 360 gen. The fact that indie devs couldn't get access to the Live services was because of the fact that it was PartnerNet, it was dev kits. We had to go back and re-architect those systems to be in a position where we thought we could do this right."

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Batman vs. Superman vs. BobbyA1984

The leader of the Scrub Nation plays Black Ops II and talks all about the Dark Knight taking on the Man of Steel.

Activision Rep: ‘Stop Threatening Game Developers’

In an interesting and thought-provoking editorial on his personal blog, Activision’s community manager Dan Amrich expressed concern about the treatment of game developers on the Internet by the very people who play and enjoy their games, specifically citing a series of recent examples targeting David Vonderhaar of Treyarch.

In a recent patch of Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II, a series of tweaks were rolled-out that reduces the damage and speed of certain weapons. Due to the changes, which no doubt will alter the way some folks play the game, Vonderhaar was subject to ridicule and violent threats. The changes made some “people violently angry,” according to Amrich.

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Armored Core: Verdict Day first look – building a better bot

The latest in From Software’s endless mech series nears release.

The Armored Core series has never been particularly welcoming to newcomers. A mech-based action franchise with a focus on tactics, dizzying customisation, and more menus and stats than story elements, it’s always seemed better suited to people who design jet engines than people who play videogames.

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