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OXM moves to GamesRadar+ this week!

The time has nearly come – Official Xbox Magazine will be moving over to this week. From that point on, when you type in, you’ll be relocated to our new, shiny and totally unique landing page – you won’t find anything but X…

Footage of cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun appears online

Was to be a 360/PS3 Soul Reaver successor.

Footage of a cancelled Legacy of Kain game, Dead Sun, has appeared online, unearthed by industrious NeoGAF member Mama Robotnik. The axed game has been known about for a little while now (also thanks to Mama …

Killer Instinct’s next character is a scary Japanese ghost girl

Well, next but one – first, here’s an angry golem.

As ever, the best part of this latest Killer Instinct character-reveal trailer is the sneaky coda, which reveals the star of the inevitable next video. But before that, let’s take a little look at Aga…

Here are 40 minutes of the Final Fantasy XV demo

A good look at combat, nighttime, camping and more.

It’s weird that a demo is one the best JRPG prospects of the year – and by ‘demo’ I mean Episode Duscae, the FFXV teaser free with the first copies of FF Type-0. Weird but good, as it looks better ev…

Puzzle-platformer Clockwork revealed for Xbox One

Get your cogs in gear, it’s puzzle time.

Steampunk is the new black. There’s something really appealing about the mix of Victorian gentlemen, clockwork, brass and fantastic moustaches that keeps game designers coming back. The Order 1886, Dishonored, …

Ultimate Game Sale adds weekend discounts

Killer Instinct, Halo: MCC and more temporarily discounted.

Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale already offers a nice bundle of games for a bit less money, but they’re supplementing it with a few bonus discounts available for this weekend only. Click here …

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round crashing and freezing on Xbox One

Team Ninja’s new-gen port isn’t having the breast of starts.

Dead or Alive’s absurd boob physics and skimpy outfits arrive on Xbox One (and 360 again) today in the form of DoA5: Last Round, a port of the old game with some new extra gubbins thrown in …

Someone’s made a Nazi zombies FPS in Trials Fusion

Trials’ level editor continues to amaze.

People are using super-hard motorycle torture game Trials Fusion to make some amazing things. We’ve already shown you this functioning, albeit limited, version of Minecraft made using the level editor, but this…

BAFTA Games nominees include Telltale, Far Cry and Never Alone

Alien: Isolation leads with six nominations.

Get your posh frocks on, it’s BAFTA time. Not the BAFTAs, with all the fancy actors and the entire cast of Downton Abbey and the likelihood that you’ll be in the pages of Heat with a caption like “who is this ugly, badly-dressed rando?” – no, not that BAFTA event. It’s BAFTA Games, which is still filled with lovely people, they just don’t tend to pretend to be other people for their job.

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Battlefield Hardline to reward returning players, a bit

Play one of the last few Battlefields, get some free digital stuff.

EA are to reward returning Battlefield players with a small bag of goodies if they decide to pick up Battlefield Hardline.Click here to read the full article